Forest Hall is currently following a program of alien clearing and re-aforestation, with an active laboratory and tree nursery that has been established for some time  run by Landmark Foundation scientist Albert Ackhurst . We collaborate closely with SANParks with a view to preservation, restoration and re-establishment of the wide variety of indigenous and endemic flora and fauna.

Forest Hall is officially a 'leopard-friendly' property. The Cape Mountain Leopard is shy and nocturnal, and up until recently was thought to be extinct in the area. Evidence of a returning population is very uplifting, and along with many other neighbouring properties in the Crags, Forest Hall is working in co-operation with the Landmark Foundation in the latter's 'Leopard and Predator' project to track the population of these amazing forest cats with infra-red camera technology. Cameras are set up to respond to movement and take pictures - providing photographic evidence of the number and movements of these majestic animals - so rarely seen by human eyes and driven from their environment over the past 100 years by hunting, development and poisoning. Now protected, they are still elusive enough to have a magical quality about them.

For more on the work of the Landmark Foundation visit: LEOPARD & PREDATOR CONSERVATION

For more on the Titsikamma Forest and the unique Afro-Montane ecosystem that covers much of the Estate visit:

For more on conservation efforts in the area, spefically the Eden to Addo Corridor Initiative, of which the Forest Hall Estate is a part, visit:

Forest Hall maintains a close association with neighbouring Tenikwa. This Awareness Sanctuary is dedicated to the rehabilition of wild African cats, their re-introduction into the wild, and to educating the public about a variety of African felines - some indigenous to South Africa, and some to the Garden Route. Tenikwa does not permit human interaction with cats that are being rehabilitated for release into the wild, but they have a number of animals that fulfill an educational role through their contact with people - including cheetahs, who are brought on occasion to play in the surf at Forest Hall. Forest Hall's support of Tenikwa and their educational efforts furthers the continued existence of local cats such as the Rooikat (African Lynx).
Although the cheetah is not indigenous to the afro-montane forest environment like the leopard and the Rooikat, they are welcome guests at Forest Hall as visible and tangible ambassadors for all the threatened and magnificent species of wild African cat that depend on human tolerance and protection to have a future - including the Cape Mountain Leopard.
For More on Tenikwa, visit:

At Forest Hall, we are committed to using environmentally friendly technologies to run the Estate's systems as far as possible:

1. Solar Panel System: The Pool has been fitted with the latest available technology in solar water heating. We have installed 18 x Genersys 1000-10 solar collector panels with an average output of 1200kwh per panel.
The system is a world leader in flat plate sun collectors, and the panels are certified to comply with BS EN12975 standards in the USA and Canada.

2. Biolytix System: The sewage on the farm is controlled and managed by a fully automatic Biolytix sewage system - the system complies with local municipal standards and the final stage treatment of the effluent water is cycled every 30 minutes through natural reed beds and man made wetland systems - the effluent water is also cycled constantly through water energizing flow form systems to maximize aeration and water purification.

Forest Hall is also actively involved in initiatives aimed at providing support to the local Crags community of Kurland Village. It is currently involved in the setting up of a non-profit initiative aimed at promoting local initiatives. This is being done through the creation of a cultural village where local people will be able to showcase and sell their arts and crafts to tourists. The initiative also involves the local people in the clearing of alien vegetation and re-aforestation, and incorporates plans for the creation of the 'Crags Animal Sanctuary' - a game park and rehabilitation centre for indigenous animals.


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