In 2008 Forest Hall Estate was the location for the filming of the 13 part NBC series CRUSOE, based on the story of Robinson Crusoe. For several months the production team worked to build an incredible production set in the indigenous forest of the Estate, with over 250 crew members working seven days a week to bring the well-known adventure story to life in ideal surroundings - without damaging them. During this time Forest Hall accommodated the vehicles, mobile studios and production equipment on the grounds, as well as the hundreds of crew members who moved in and out of the Estate on a daily basis. Estate Manager Pieter said "it was a great experience and went very smoothly, thanks largely to the co-operation of the production crew and the hard work from my assistants".

Previously, in 1988, Forest Hall played host to the filming of Daleen Mathee's CIRCLES IN THE FOREST - a famous South Africa story set in the Knysna Forest in the early years of colonisation.



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