Forest Hall as a Retreat

Forest Hall Estate is situated on a confluence of magnetic Earth energy lines - or 'ley' lines as they sometimes known. This gives the place a very powerful healing energy. Combined with the beautiful, natural surroundings and the location - far from the noise of cars on the road and above cliffs overlooking the ocean - this makes Forest Hall particularly suitable as a Retreat. The afro-montane forest that surrounds the property, and which borders the garden only metres from the house on the eastern side, is another source of palpable and powerful natural energy - hard to define, but a recognisable force that any local living here will attest to: an energy that comes from the trees and gives this part of the world a unique atmosphere.

Forest Hall has been described in accounts of its history as having been a very happy home. It has also been said that there is something magical about the place. Today, the cliff-top location, the forest, the sea and gardens, the splendour and magnificence of the environment (more preserved here than anywhere else in the Garden Route) - these are complemented by so many more features: the animals wondering around the gardens, the character of the house such as the genuine wooden floors, doors and ceiling beams, the luxurious furnishings and the combination of Victorian and modern appointments, the pool and facilities and the attentive staff - not to mention the proximity of passing whales and dolphins which can be viewed from the Manor House. All of these factors combine to make Forest Hall perfectly suited for those seeking healing - whether from post-traumatic (emotional) or post-operative stress (physical and often also emotional) or just from the effects of modern living. Forest Hall offers a complete getaway that will help individuals to re-connect with themselves and nature; to rebalance mind, body and spirit, and to leave behind the distractions and stressors that inhibit personal growth and fulfillment.

In order to facilitate any such pursuit, or purely in the interests of maximising the relaxation factor of your holiday, we can arrange massage and Spa therapists, yoga & meditation instructors, and astrologers. We will be happy to assist in procuring the services of whatever professionals you have in mind. The Garden Route is known to have many such practitioners, drawn to live in this part of the world by the same energies and peace that makes a stay here so special.


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